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Romantic Dating Tips

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Many people try too hard at romance and end up coming across as cheesy and needy. Romance isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. Here are some simple tips to plan a romantic date without looking like you tried too hard.
Avoid the Cliché
Yes, some people would enjoy a heart shaped bed and champagne, but overall this sends a message that you think your date is easy. Bringing chocolates and flowers is sweet, but it’s also very generic. Bottom lines, if you think Valentines Day at a discount store, then avoid it.
Tailor Made
The most romantic dates are the ones you put a lot of thought in to. If you know your date has a favorite band, or a classic movie they love, remember this. Getting tickets to a small concert can be just as romantic as heart shaped chocolates. Going to a midnight movie showing of their favorite Bogart film will also score you more points than something generic. Think about your dates favorite things and incorporate them in to the date itself. This will be far more romantic.
Don’t Overdo It
Showing up at your dates door with 5 dozen red roses will likely just creep your date out. A single rose or a dozen of their favorite flower is going to go over better. If you just started dating you don’t want to rush in to romance either. You may think you’re being sweet while your date may get scared that you are moving too fast.