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How Do Dating Coaches Work

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Dating coaches are great for people who may not have the best social skills. Even those who are good in social settings can benefit from a dating coach. If you’re wondering how these coaches operate, here’s a quick overview.
Behavior Modeling
One of the most successful ways a dating coach can help is through behavior modeling. With this you will watch others on dates, typically recorded on DVD, and with the coach you will find the things that work and what doesn’t work. You then role play some of the things you’ve seen on the DVD until you understand the behaviors that you need to eliminate and what you should add. After the mock dates you are generally able to successfully go on a real date incorporating some of these methods.
Many dating coaches will offer seminars as a more affordable way to increase your dating skills. In the seminar you may not get one on one coaching, but they will still go over good techniques, common mistakes, and may include some role playing. Be aware however that a lot of these seminars are nothing more than advertising plots designed to get you to purchase books or DVDs.
Average Costs
A professional dating coach will usually have a background in psychology or social work. The sessions will average around the same amount a therapy session would be. You can expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $200 per session, but some dating coaches will charge far more. Check out the coach before you hand over your cash and agree to any session.