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Safe Dating for Men and Women

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Dating is supposed to be fun. Unfortunately if we don’t take a few steps before hand we could be putting ourselves at risk. Here are some tips to help men and women stay safe.
Arranging the meet
Many will use the internet to arrange meets, first of all make sure that the site has a good reputation and active community, it pays to get to know a few others in the same community before arranging anything, word gets around and when you get to know a few people they will be able to provide good feedback on others, swinging communities are very tight knit and also likely to have groups within your area, for example if you lived in Tweed Heads, Australia you would have all of these Tweed Heads Swingers to interact with.
Have a Plan
You need to have a plan before you start to head out the door for your first date. Know where you are going and with who, and tell a friend. Also be sure that you meet the date so you have your own transportation. Just as a child shouldn’t get in a car with a stranger, neither should an adult. Keep your phone charged and have a preset emergency call planned.
Don’t Brag
One of the traps that men fall in to all the time is they start to brag about their great job, drive their great car, and take a woman to a very expensive restaurant or event for the first date. While many women will be impressed by this, others may see it as an opportunity. You don’t want to become victim to someone who will rob you or steal your identity. It’s not talked about as much, but it’s not an uncommon scam. Avoid talking about what’s in your bank account before the date. Don’t allow them to meet at your place, and keep everything low key.
Trust You’re Gut
You hear stories time and time again about people who end up in bad situations and they will say later that they knew something was off. Your natural intuition is a powerful tool. Listen to it! If you meet someone and something feels off, just end the date and go to a friends place instead. It’s better to fake a stomach ache or illness than to ignore your gut and end up in a dangerous situation.

Romantic Dating Tips

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Many people try too hard at romance and end up coming across as cheesy and needy. Romance isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. Here are some simple tips to plan a romantic date without looking like you tried too hard.
Avoid the Cliché
Yes, some people would enjoy a heart shaped bed and champagne, but overall this sends a message that you think your date is easy. Bringing chocolates and flowers is sweet, but it’s also very generic. Bottom lines, if you think Valentines Day at a discount store, then avoid it.
Tailor Made
The most romantic dates are the ones you put a lot of thought in to. If you know your date has a favorite band, or a classic movie they love, remember this. Getting tickets to a small concert can be just as romantic as heart shaped chocolates. Going to a midnight movie showing of their favorite Bogart film will also score you more points than something generic. Think about your dates favorite things and incorporate them in to the date itself. This will be far more romantic.
Don’t Overdo It
Showing up at your dates door with 5 dozen red roses will likely just creep your date out. A single rose or a dozen of their favorite flower is going to go over better. If you just started dating you don’t want to rush in to romance either. You may think you’re being sweet while your date may get scared that you are moving too fast.

How to Ask Someone Out and Get the Timing Right

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You can have the perfect way to ask someone out, but if the timing is wrong you will get a ‘no’. The timing is just as important as actually having the nerve to ask someone out. Here are a few tips to ensure the timing is perfect.
Avoid Crisis or Emotional Situations
It goes without saying that asking someone out at a funeral is a bad idea. However, there are many other situations where emotions may run high that you haven’t thought about. Weddings sound like they may be a good time to ask someone out, but while you may think they are romantic, for those who have been engaged, are divorced, or aren’t with anyone they can be depressing events. Other times when emotions may run high may be children’s birthday parties, baptisms, and some church related services.
Avoid Distractions
If you want to ask a girl out who is surrounded by friends, you are basically asking for all of their approval. Asking someone out in a crowded night club will be hard because there are too many distractions. There are ways around this. If you want to ask out a woman who is with a group of friends, wait for her to get up to get a drink or head for the dance floor. This way you can get her alone and talk to her. Make it quick though, once the friends see her chatting with a guy they will come over to size you up. The same applies at a night club. Tell the person you’d like to talk, and head to a quiet area so you aren’t shouting over the music.